Cross Canada Fiddle - Advanced Collection


The tunes featured in the book are more challenging than those in the intermediate collections, but they are still well-known tunes both old and new.

This book includes the following tunes: 24 Juin, Breah, Caledonian Laddie, Canada Day Swing, the Cuckoo’s Nest, Diamond Lil, Don Messer’s Breakdown, Durang’s Hornpipe, Fate or Fancy, Four String Polka, Goldenrod Jig, Hi-Lo Schottische, Jimmy’s Favourite Jig, Joe Cormier’s, Kiley’s Reel, Lamplighter’s Hornpipe, the Limping Dog, Mouth of the Tobique, Poor Girl Waltz, Reel Blandine, Reel de Pere Carignan, Reel des Esquimaux, Rippling Water Jig, Rock Valley Jig, Saut de Lapin, Shingle the Roof, Spootiskerry, Swamplake Breakdown, Two Step D’Armand, Ukrainian Washerwoman.

Difficulty Advanced
Instruments fiddle
* 1