Cross Canada Fiddle - Beginner E-book


This is a great e-book that will take you gradually from playing open strings through to advanced beginner tunes. 

This book includes the following tunes: Open Ocean, Hot Cross Buns, Cabbages, Row Row Row Your Boat, Shortnin’ Bread, L’il Liza Jane, Cajun Two-Step, Rubber Dolly, Cripple Creek, Yankee Doodle, Old Joe Clark, Camptown Races, Bayside Waltz, Short Bow Jig, Mairi’s Wedding, Egan’s Polka, Waltz Quadrille, Marching to Behchoko, Keegan’s Jig, Jessica Waltz, Brosna Slide, Mountain Pass.

This book also includes many scales, exercises, photos, and tips to help you develop good technique on the instrument.

Tune Type Reel
Classification Bluegrass
Tune Key Bminor
Difficulty Beginner
Suzuki - Early Book One
Range of melody One String
Instruments fiddle
* 1