In just three days we will welcome our first students of the school year into our studios. September is often a busy and stressful month, but it can also be an opportunity to kick-start some great new daily routines and healthy habits.

At the first lesson of the year we rarely teach new tunes. Instead, our focus is planning the year ahead. What are the student’s goals? Is there a certain skill they want to learn or develop, or a particular style of music they want to explore? What are the teacher’s goals for that student? Is there a posture issue that needs to be resolved, or is it time to introduce a new skill? And what can we do as a team to work toward meeting those goals?

One thing we can say for certain is that there is no magic pill to help us improve as musicians. The secret to success lies in the practice room, and quality of practice is far more important than quantity of practice. No matter how much fun it is to blast through our favourite tunes at top speed (I know, right?), we simply will not develop as a player if we don’t pay attention to our posture, our knowledge of scales and arpeggios, our tuning and our tone.

So we invite you as summer draws to a close: carve out some daily time to really focus on what matters in your journey as a student. Go slowly and be attentive. Do what your teacher asks of you (scales! arpeggios!). Listen to music as much as possible. Practice every single day, even just for a few minutes. Set your musical goals and start working toward them. We promise it will pay off in a big way!

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