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COVID-19 Group Class Updates

COVID-19 Group Class Updates

  • July 21, 2020
  • Posted By : Trish
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We hope everyone is enjoying this late-to-arrive summer weather. I know we are all starting to look ahead to our fall plans, and many of you are probably wondering what will be happening with our group classes.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation is presenting a few challenges when it comes to music ensembles. Given that both the Performance Ensemble and Fiddelium are large groups, we may need to get creative for our fall term. One of the options we are considering is splitting the big groups into smaller groups of 5-7 players who will meet each week, and then offering a full rehearsal in a space large enough to provide social distancing.

For students who attend weekly private lessons with Geoff or Trish, we will adopt a blended approach for the fall and winter. Each week we will alternate between in-person and Zoom lessons, to allow for a 2-week period between in-person lessons.

We will continue to monitor the situation within Island Health, and send out updates once we feel we have found a solution that works for everyone. Thank you for your patience.

What will ensemble classes look like in fall 2020?

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